Exploring East of Edmonton

For the Labour Day weekend, we camped out at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, just north of Camrose.  Naturally, we couldn’t just sit around and look at trees the whole time; we needed to get out and do some exploring, especially since neither of us had spent much (any?) time in the area.

Naturally, we had to record some video to share of our explorations.  We had no set route, no timetable, and no real goals — just look at the map, see what looks interesting and start driving.

For those who would rather check out some still images instead of (or in addition to — even better!) watching the video, here you go:

Kingman Elevator

The elevator from Kingman has been moved to private property a few miles from town

Round Hill

Round Hill Hotel


The infamous “Dirty Shorts” elevator in Shonts


Bruce Grocery Store in Bruce, Alberta


Bruce Hotel


Another relocated elevator, this one in Warwick, Alberta


Hairy Hill, Alberta


Hairy Hill, Alberta


The Chipman hotel


An old service station/garage in Lamont, Alberta

So, now you have a pretty good idea of our route. What cool things did we miss along the way? Where should we go the next time we’re in the area? Let us know in the comments.

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1 Response to Exploring East of Edmonton

  1. Rick Alger says:

    You are probably the only people who are recording our fragile near past in a throw away society good on you !


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