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I’m Dan Overes, a former Information Technology manager who worked in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In September of 2016 I was a victim of a department-wide “reorganization” which caused me to reevaluate where I wanted to go with my career.  I took a few months off in what I called my “trial retirement” while waiting for the next big thing to come along.

In March of 2017 I joined the staff of Bucar’s RV Centre in Balzac, Alberta working in the Parts Department.  After more than two decades of I.T., stepping into a new role in a new industry is a major shock to my system.

I have been into computers since getting my first Commodore VIC-20 more than thirty years ago. I was active in the Calgary BBS scene in the early 1990s and made computers my profession in 1998. I have had a presence on the Internet since 1999 although I didn’t register DanOCan.com until March of 2010.

Born and raised in southern Alberta, I have always been interested in the historic and abandoned locations scattered around the prairies.  In 2007 I met a group of like-minded individuals for a “Ghost Town Convention” in Saskatchewan and this sparked a desire to document these places via photography.  Once described by a friend as a someone who “bleeds passion”, I have spent countless hours driving thousands of kilometers along dusty back roads seeking forgotten places to capture with my camera.

It was at the Ghost Town Convention in 2011 when I met Emily who became my fiancée in September of 2012.  We were married in January of 2015 in Las Vegas.  One year later we were finally able to get permanent residence status for her in Canada and we were able to drop the “long distance” modifier from our relationship.  Now we’re just your typical married couple, except we share a passion for backroad exploration, oversized roadside attractions, and offbeat places that most tourists never bother to see.

When we’re not working and exploring, we live in the town of Cochrane, AB.  We have an English Springer Spaniel named Tucker who accompanies us on our adventures.

11 Responses to About Me

  1. Mike brown says:

    Trying to contact you, I left message on FB so will try this. In 2007 you took a photograph in southern Saskatchewan that you titled “Rusting Away”. A black and white of an abandoned pickup truck. We have this photograph in our board room at Calfrac Well Services in Calgary. I love this photo and want to own a copy. Please let me know how to purchase a copy. thanks

    Mike Brown – mbrown55@austin.rr.com


  2. S. Robert Cyre says:


    The last time you and I spent time together, we were teenagers (you barely) and we were trading games with the Commodore 64, playing Scott Adams adventure games (the evil Count, if you recall), and eating pizza and firing up the juke box at Dilo’s Pizza with my cousin Derek. You have apparently journeyed quite a journey since then. Good to see your site, makes me crave home in a big way. Thanks, my friend and God bless.


    • danocan says:

      Yes, that was a long time ago but only if you measure it in years. No matter how far I venture or how much time passes, in my mind I’m still that same young Coaldale kid.


  3. Ashton says:

    Hey dan, my name is Ashton. I’m trying to locate some of the old Macleod trail markers but I’m having troubles with finding actual directions, do you have directions to any of them? I already know where the one in Okotoks is just looking for the others.

    Best regards, Ashton.


  4. Jeri Dunn says:

    Don, Maybe you can help me. Was Bill’s wife Patricia. I am the wife of Jeff Dunn (California) who has been trying to get in touch with him. If this is the right Dunn which I hope so. I will wait to hear from you. . Thank You Jeri


  5. dfkeeley says:

    I watched your video on the Nanton water tap. My recollection of the tap goes back further that 1957. I was born in Nanton 1936 and spent the first 9 years there. My father owned the Keeley general store located on 20 ave adjacent to the CPR water tank and war memorial and my brother took it over. In the early 1940’s highway 2 was a dusty dirt road. I don’t recall who put the tap there but do know it was originally fed from the water well in the basement of the Keeley block. It was located north of the war memorial. Sometime in the 1940’s the wells in Nanton started to dry up and they had to find alternative water source.
    Dan Keeley

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    • danocan says:

      Thanks Dan, that is really interesting. I love the old Keeley building — I have spent more time checking out the building than I have looking at the antiques at the store that occupies the space now, I love going down in that basement and had no idea there was a well there which supplied the water tap. I’ll have to look for vestiges of it the next time I am in town. Cheers!


  6. dfkeeley says:

    it has been many years since i have been in the basement of the store, what i remember is that it was only a dirt floor and the well was located in the north west corner. the upper floor of the building when my father purchased it was a hall, occupied as a Masonic Lodge. with a shortage of Accommodations for air force personal he turned the space into small suites. my brother Bill who operated the grocery store lived in the one located south east corner. my brother Jim operated the hardware and lived in the garage out in the back, he moved half the garage to a lot next to the Catholic Church and completed the house.
    its unfortunate that the fixtures have been removed, the north wall has a beautiful floor to Ceiling cabinet complete with a roller ladder, i have pictures taken in 1912 and 1939.

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    • danocan says:

      These are great stories. I had heard a rumour at one point that one of the upstairs suites was supposed to be haunted. Do you know anything about that?


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