Exploring the Charming Ghost Town of Rowley: The Rowley Pizza Night

🌲🍕 Join us on a captivating camping adventure as we kick-start our summer season in the picturesque Alberta ghost town of Rowley. In our latest episode, “The Rowley Pizza Night,” we delve into the heart of this historic town, where locals and visitors gather for a monthly pizza extravaganza that supports the preservation of Rowley’s unique heritage.


Video recorded May 26-27, 2023

Rowley, a captivating blend of ghost town, movie set, and museum, welcomes us with its timeless charm. Our journey begins with a stroll through the Rowley Natural Linear Park, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature that surrounds this hidden gem. We explore the iconic Main Street, with its well-preserved buildings that tell stories of a bygone era. The town’s three majestic grain elevators stand tall as a testament to its rich agricultural past.

Camping in Rowley is a truly immersive experience. As we set up camp, we embrace the serenity of the surroundings, capturing the essence of relaxation and tranquility. Our aerial shots, courtesy of DroneOCan, reveal the grandeur of the grain elevators against the vast Alberta landscape.

Day Two brings us back to the natural splendor of the Linear Park, allowing us to reconnect with nature and appreciate the simplicity of life. Time-lapse footage captures the peacefulness and beauty that envelops us during our stay.

However, the highlight of our adventure awaits us on pizza night. Local volunteers swing open the doors of Sam’s Saloon, transforming the community center into a bustling pizzeria and beer haven. This monthly event draws people from all corners of the province, coming together to support the town and its ongoing preservation efforts. With every slice devoured and every glass raised, funds are raised to maintain Rowley’s historic buildings, including the church, railway station, one-room school, and more.

We conclude our journey with a time-lapse wrap-up, cherishing the memories created during our unforgettable visit to Rowley.

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Exploring Alberta’s Historical Roadways: Claresholm to Lethbridge

Join us as we venture back in time with the historic Alberta Road Guide, the Official Tour Book of the Alberta Automobile Clubs. Recently, Calgary historian Alan Zakrison shared some fascinating images of this guide, which listed numerous routes throughout Alberta with step-by-step directions.

One particular route caught our attention: Claresholm to Lethbridge, a 52.5 mile journey that we decided to recreate in 2023. We were eager to see how much of this route remains intact today and to experience the beauty of Alberta’s landscape.

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Come along for the ride and discover the hidden treasures of Alberta’s past!

Video filmed May 5, 2023
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Exploring Alberta’s Wild Horses: A Captivating Journey through the Foothills

Once again, I have chosen to let ChatGPT write the following blog post for me.

Introduction: Join us on an exciting adventure as we embark on our annual drive through the stunning Alberta foothills in search of the magnificent wild horses that roam these lands. In this captivating video, we delve into the untamed beauty of the region, encountering feral horses that trace their lineage back to the logging and mining horses of the early 20th century.

Synopsis: Every year, we set off on a road trip along the picturesque Forestry Trunk Road, immersing ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes of the Alberta foothills. Our primary mission? To catch a glimpse of the estimated 900 wild horses that call this area home. While we acknowledge that they may be feral rather than “wild” in the strictest sense, their untamed spirit and resilience continue to fascinate us.

As we traverse the rolling hills and verdant meadows, the journey itself becomes part of the adventure. The Forestry Trunk Road, flanked by towering trees and open vistas, provides the perfect backdrop for our exploration. Along the way, we also indulge in some Geocaching, adding an extra layer of excitement to our trip.

Regardless of whether we encounter the horses during our drive, the beauty of the Alberta foothills never fails to captivate us. The scenic vistas, serene streams, and abundant wildlife create a tapestry of natural wonder that leaves us in awe. We invite you to join us on this immersive experience, savoring the journey as much as the destination.

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Ghost Town Convention 2009: Exploring Abandoned Saskatchewan

In this video, we take a look back at the Ghost Town Convention 2009, which took place in July of that year in Kayville, Saskatchewan. The video showcases various abandoned places in Saskatchewan, including the Galilee general store, small town parades in Ogema, churches, grain elevators, dirt roads, and the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site.

The video takes the viewer on a journey through these abandoned locations, providing a glimpse into the past and showing how these places have been preserved over the years. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience the best of abandoned Saskatchewan and learn more about the history of these forgotten places.

If you’re interested in exploring abandoned places or the history of Saskatchewan, this video is a must-watch. Join us as we travel back in time to 2009 and experience the beauty and mystery of abandoned Saskatchewan.

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Video posted April 17, 2023

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The Remaining Bus Traps of Calgary, Alberta

In the summer of 2022, the City of Calgary announced it was planning on removing the remaining “bus traps” in the city. Bus traps are pits dug into the middle of the road, with a width such that a wider vehicle, such as a bus, can pass over but narrower vehicles like passenger cars become trapped.

These traps are used to create shortcuts for busses, allowing for more efficient transit routes while protecting the nearby neighborhoods from unwanted shortcutting traffic. They have been in use in Calgary since the early 1970s.

A City of Calgary “Bus Trap” Seen April 7, 2023

The first bus trap was installed on the University of Calgary campus. I have been unable to determine exactly where it was located, so if you know, please share with me in the comments.

At one time these traps were located throughout the city. As of today, there are only a handful remaining, all of them in the northern part of the city.

In this week’s video, we visit and document the remaining bus traps in the city of Calgary and document them so future Calgarians will have something to remember these somewhat-barbaric traffic control devices by.

Video recorded April 7, 2023
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