Products We Have Used

Disclaimer: The products on this page are all items I have personally used. All details are based upon my personal opinion. No compensation has been offered to us by the manufacturers or suppliers of any of these products. All images link to and include our affiliate link. Purchasing any of these products helps support with no additional cost to you.

The Noco Genius line of chargers are great for charging and maintaining your 6V and 12V batteries. I use this device on our canoe and RV batteries over the winter to keep them in their best condition and I also use it for our truck battery because otherwise the parasitic draw results in a non-start condition after a few days. I plan on getting a second one to use on the RV batteries in the summer when the trailer is parked on the driveway so my first one can stay mounted on the wall of the garage.

As soon as we got Mabel, we started to suffer from burn marks and dead spots on our lawn wherever she would urinate. We added these dog rocks to her water supply and we noticed an immediate improvement in our lawn. I was skeptical at first, but these really seem to work.