Vacation 2011: Day Five

OK, fine, I’ll admit it — I’m hurting!  I had no idea a simple hike up a 500m hill could result in me feeling so sore, but today I am stiff and not moving as well as I should be.  I think it’s a combination of being out of practice with hiking after a long winter plus being so much closer to sea level.  I have found when hiking at this level I am able to breath much more efficiently.  At home, where hikes typically start over 1500m and often go well over 2000m I often am stopping to catch my breath whereas here I don’t need those breaks.  I think that means I was able to push myself harder yesterday than I normally could at home — hence the sore muscles.

I certainly wasn’t going to let Mount Manuel Quimper stop me from experiencing my vacation though.

After another breakfast in the trailer (we’re soon going to be out of our good eggs from home) we set out to explore the National Historic Sites of Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on Canada’s west coast, making it something worth seeing.

I made a couple of rookie mistakes with my photography today.  First, I left the GPSr in the car so I won’t be able to properly geotag my photos.  Second, and more importantly, I messed up the settings on the D90 partway through the tour.  I was attempting to change the ISO when I changed from indoors to outdoors, but instead I adjusted the white balance, leaving all the photos from that point forward with a blue tinge.  The good thing is I was shooting everything in RAW, so when I get home and get back to my desktop computer I’ll be able to fix that with some post-processing work.  For now, you get a black-and-white photo as a sample.

We spent a few hours touring the grounds and checking out the exhibits before heading into the city for another late lunch / early dinner.  I actually decided to leverage the power of social media to pick our destination.  Using the foursquare app on my iPhone I checked local destinations to get some ideas for places to eat.  I rejected a few places because they appeared to be right in downtown Victoria and that isn’t the sort of place I care to drive a long-box crewcab pickup.

I was originally aiming for a pub called “The Beagle“.  We found it easily enough but parking was a challenge, leading to one of those classic “couples moments”.  At almost the exact same moment I was thinking “I guess I’ll just park a few blocks away and we’ll walk” Shirley decides to speak up with “I sure don’t feel like walking 800 blocks from wherever you decide to park.”

OK, so I changed plans.  I managed to find a one hour parking spot that was very close.  Excellent!  As we were walking to the pub we spotted Pizzeria Prima Strada across the road.  This place had been on a list sent to us by friends of ours who are moving to Victoria this summer as one of their “must do” places.  Well, we changed plans and crossed over and ended up having one of the best thin-crust pizzas I’ve ever experienced. 

As we rushed back to move our truck before the one-hour parking expired, I couldn’t resist a stop in at Island Meat and Seafood.  I had been lamenting my failure to locate a seafood counter on this trip thus far and this place fit the bill perfectly.  We picked up some fresh shrimp which will go into a seafood fettuccine I am planning to make tomorrow night (hey, we need to save a few dollars and eat in the trailer at some point, right?) along with some sun-dried tomato turkey sausages which I plan on grilling at our next stop this weekend.

Tomorrow is our last day in the Victoria area before we move on.  It’s been a great tour of the area.  I haven’t been out here in more than 20 years when I did a road trip with my cousins and I can honestly say I love it.  It’s been quite windy today but the other than that the weather has been fantastic.  The Summer of Awesomeness is living up to its name.

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