NHL Playoff Advertising

Give the National Hockey League credit:  in an era where most things are marketed to the key 18-35 demographic, they have taken a page from their history books with their latest advertising campaign for the upcoming 2010 playoffs.

The first two commercials have been airing in pretty heavy rotation already and if they are any indication of what is to come we can expect a great trip down memory lane. 

The first commercial uses what is arguably the most famous goal ever scored — Bobby Orr vs. Glenn Hall to win the 1970 Stanley Cup.

The second video features Mario Lemieux leaving both Shawn Chambers and Jon Casey looking for their jock straps in the 1991 Finals against Minnesota.  For you youngsters out there, that was the Minnesota North Stars, not the Wild back in that era.  As a Penguins fan, I can tell you that this was the moment when we knew there was nothing that was going to stop us from winning the Cup that year.

Considering that many of today’s young fans won’t remember Mario’s goal and even those of us pushing middle age won’t remember Bobby Orr’s goal, you have to think this is a campaign aimed at those of us who are already hockey fans.  For a league that has spent the better part of two decades pushing the sport into non-traditional markets, this is a refreshing change.  As a lifelong fan I can honestly say I get chills when these two commercials come on.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what other great moments they will choose to add to this campaign.  Yes, history will be made and (at least until Pittsburgh gets eliminated) I will be there to see it.


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