One Season Ends, Another Begins

Today was a study in contrasts, of beginnings and endings.

On one hand, our rec. floor hockey team ended our season on a winning note, with a 10-4 win.  We had a tremendous season, only losing one game all year — unfortunately that game was last weekend’s first-round playoff game, which meant today all we were playing for was third place.  I’m please to report I was able to contribute my second goal of the season so at least I ended on a good note too.

As for beginnings, it was the first CFL game at McMahon Stadium this afternoon.  It was a pre-season contest against Saskatchewan, which the Stamps one easily 41-17.  It was a perfect afternoon for football — warm, tons of sunshine and a pretty good size crowd for what was essentially a nothing game. 

I’ve always loved how the CFL season mirrors the summer — you start in June with just a faint hint of hope as to what is to come.  You watch it grow through the warm months of the year, taking advantage of the sun; dealing with the rain.  Then, as the summer fades to memory the season winds down.  The days turn cooler, and instead of sitting in the stands in shorts throwing on another layer of sunblock you are sitting in the stands throwing on another layer of clothes trying to keep warm.

Then, around the time when the first snow flies it ends.  Sometimes the results are what you expected, sometimes not — just like the summer itself.  While we’d all love to experience the Norman Rockwell summers we remember from our youth, the fact is that for many of us we spend our summers sitting in the office, not playing a game of pick-up baseball.  We sit in air conditioned cars commuting into the city, not riding our bikes out into the countryside.

Whatever your goals or plans are for this summer — make the time count for it will be gone before you know it.  Cheers!

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