Day One: Welcome to the USA

Wow, what a day it has been!  Even though I don’t feel like we accomplished much, we certainly have been on the run.

We managed to get out of the house at 6am.  The drive down Highway 22 was pretty mundane.  It was only when we got into the Crowsnest Pass that we really started to hit a lot of wind.  The fifth-wheel tracks pretty well so it wasn’t a white-knuckle experience, but it sure made our lives more interesting.  We didn’t take much time in the Pass – just a quick stop at a roadside turnout to let the dog run for a couple of minutes and we were on our way.

Our first longer stop was in Cranbrook, BC.  After filling up with diesel we parked at the Husky and made some sandwiches from the chicken leftovers from last night.  Another dog run and we were back on the road.

Our crossing at Kingsgate was a non-event.  All the Customs agent asked to see was our identification and the dog’s health record.  Few basic questions:  Where you going?  How long you staying?  Any fruit?  Any vegetables?  Is the cat healthy?  Ever had issues getting into the US before?  Nothing serious and nothing out of the ordinary.

IMG_0624 (2)

With the towing of the trailer and our stops along the way it ended up being an eight hour trip to get to the RV park in Post Falls, ID.  Immediately after dropping the trailer we were off shopping – not for anything “good”, but for basic groceries and supplies.  Wal-mart, Cabelas, and a bite to eat.  We then returned to the trailer where I was pleased to discover we could pick up a faint wireless signal which I am using for connectivity today.  I’ve already burned through 1MB of my 75MB data plan on the iPhone, and that was just to check an to the RV park on Foursquare.


We attended a Geocaching event in Spokane, WA with a number of other people from Calgary who are making their way to Seattle as well for GeoWoodstock 8.  It was a well attended event and we met people from Michigan, New York as well as the local area.  It’s the only caching we have done on the trip so far, other than to sneak away from the truck stop to find a cache in an industrial area with some locals.


Tomorrow we’re off to Fall City, WA which will be our home for the next five nights.  No idea what my connectivity will be like there, but I hope to have some updates along the way.  There’s another Geocaching event tomorrow night but that’s our only real plans for this next day. 

Until then, keep the shiny side up!

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