Day 3: FryDay

Finally a day that did not involve hitching up the fifth wheel and moving to a new city. 

Our day started off with a bang – literally.  Just around midnight a large section of a massive cottonwood tree broke loose from near the top and crashed into a campsite two spots down from us.  I joined a small contingent of people who had been alerted or awakened by the crash.  We were able to confirm the site was empty and no one was injured.  That could have been an ugly scene had someone been camped in that spot.


We also managed to watch the Netherlands play Brazil in the FIFA World Cup before heading out the door to Fry’s Electronics in Renton, WA.  I managed to keep my purchases under $100 which means I got away much cheaper than previous years when I shop there.


We did some hiking and Geocaching in Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.  There is a lot of mining history in the area which I found quite interesting.  Everywhere we went we were warned to stay on the trails because the number of deep mine shafts in the area means there are often sections of ground which collapse. 


We ended the day by attending another Geocaching event, this time the COWWS Friday Meet and Greet and Luau which was held in Lake Sammamish State Park.  We didn’t stay long, just enough to do our early registration for GeoWoodstock 8, which is being held tomorrow in Carnation, WA.


After leaving the event we made our way to Stan’s Bar-B-Q in Issaquah.  We had the “Who’s Your Daddy?” Combo platter.  The brisket and ribs were very good, the pulled pork was nothing out of the ordinary.  I still love Stan’s and make a point of stopping there any time we pass through the area.


That’s been about it for today.  We’ve driven around 1000 miles over the three days, so we’re packing it in early again tonight.  Tomorrow will be more caching and socializing in the Carnation area and then we’ll see where we go from there.

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