Vacation Day ???: I’ve Lost Count!

I’ve always said “Vacation doesn’t really start until you’ve been away from the routine for a long enough time that you completely forget which day of the week it is.”  I know today is Tuesday, but only because I know it is a travel day, not because I need to know for any work-related purpose, so that counts.

It’s been a wild three days since my last update.  We had the big GeoWoodstock event on Saturday in Carnation and a second event later that evening in Redmond.  I didn’t get back until midnight that night and then got up at 5am to go hiking Mount Margaret to find the oldest active Geocache in Washington state.  It wasn’t a difficult hike (6.5km round trip distance with 500m of elevation gain) other than for the snow up above 1400m.  Didn’t see a single person on the trail.

By 11am we were in the Fremont district of Seattle attending another event, this time at the Groundspeak headquarters, which is the company behind Geocaching.  We did some poking around in the Fremont Sunday market before coming home and going to bed early.


Yesterday I dropped Shirley off at the outlet mall in North Bend while I went caching with another fellow.  I promised him a ride to the airport, so after dropping him off at SeaTac we drove down to the ballpark and then had a bite to eat.  Last night we went to see the Mariners play the Kansas City Royals at Safeco Field, my first major league baseball game.  I had a lot of fun walking around the stadium and checking out the various views.  The Mariners blew a 4-1 lead and ended up losing 6-4 in 10 innings.

So, that’s three days of non-stop action in a few paragraphs.  We’re heading out for the Oregon coast today, with Manzanita being the first stop.  I don’t expect to have much internet access for the next week so updates will be spotty, if they come at all.  I’ve used about 11MB of the 75MB data plan I purchased for my phone, so the odd posting to Facebook might be the best I can do – I’m not sure how to deal with not being constantly connected anymore.

So, until I can find a convenient wireless hotspot, have fun!

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