Geocaching Road Trip

07:47: Been on the road for about an hour and a half. Driven 139.8km. Just stopped and found my first Geocache of the day, which was Brass Cap BCP485. Easy find as it was well-marked, despite being well below ground level. Had a quick stretch of the legs and I’m now heading towards Brooks.

08:46: Stopped for a quick cache near Stafford Lake in Brooks. Nice place, I don’t think I even knew this part of town existed. Looked for about ten minutes but couldn’t find it. I hate when cache owners don’t provide a hint on the cache page. Oh well, can’t get them all anyway. Nice visit with some annoyed ducks. Better get back on the road!

10:02: I’m here, but we can’t get in. No one has keys to the church. 🙂

13:23: Been out caching with Richard, Dave and James. Done a number of caps and caches. We’re back at the main event listening to Don present his session on capping.

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