Hacking My Life

One of the best things about Twitter is the amount of seemingly random links people share.  A few weeks back I followed one of those links and it lead to a site called Marc and Angel Hack Life.  I browsed around and came across a page called “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”.  I thought how those would make excellent topics to tackle when I was stricken with an urge to write but wasn’t sure what to say.

I certainly don’t expect to answer all of the questions in public – some of them are best left unanswered and others I might save to share with individual people in a more private forum.  However, the first question seemed to pique my interest right away:

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

After much consideration, I came up with an answer of 23.

I don’t know if it comes from working at a university or not, but I still feel like I could fit in with the young people I see on campus.  Certainly I have no illusions of being mistaken for a first-year student, still wet behind the years fresh out of high school.  However, I still could see myself being one of those third or fourth year undergrads, still living in residence.  I would be one of the older people on the floor, the type who the new students look at as having enough “life experience” to be interesting yet not old enough to be stuffy and stale.

I still feel young enough to go out and have a couple of beers with friends yet old enough to not binge drink every weekend.  I am young enough to know most of my experiences are yet to come, they are not behind me yet.

23 was that age where I was starting to feel established.  I was holding down “real” jobs yet I knew they wouldn’t be my final destination on the career path.  Today I have a very good job but I know there are new challenges to face and what I do today is not what I expect to be doing in five years. 

I’m happy that I am still at a point where I can jump into new experiences with both feet and revel in learning something new.  I am still constantly discovering new passions to pursue, new things to spend money on, new ways to pass the time.  I still know that just because something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean there isn’t time to make it happen.

It hasn’t always been this way.  If you had asked me this question a little over a year ago my answer probably would have been something like 55.  I am a very different person now than I was a year ago.  I have discovered new things about myself – things I didn’t know I thought or believed.  I think I have a deeper appreciation for life now than before.  I think I am better able to adapt to whatever changes are thrown my way.  It’s not always a pleasant experience to learn new things about yourself but – in a seemingly contradictory statement – the process of maturing and changing is making me younger.

I can hardly wait to see where I am in another 15 years when I actually start to feel as old as I am today.

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