Christ Church in Millarville

Earlier this month I took a very creative route home from Calgary — it happens a lot when you’re like me.  My drive brought me by the Christ Church near Millarville, Alberta.  This is a location we have visited on multiple occasions in the past, but this was the first time I had been here since getting my drone.  Naturally, with no one around to bother me, I had to throw the drone up in the air and get some basic footage of the church and surrounding area.

The church was built in 1896 on land donated by Reverend R. Murray Webb-Peploe.  The construction of this church is very unique in that it is made from logs placed vertically rather than the more common horizontal method typically seen in the construction of log buildings.

The church was built in a Gothic Revival style by a German carpenter named Charles Shack from High River.  He was assisted by Frank Watt of Longview.  The dedication of the church took place on May 6, 1896 so the church will soon be coming up on its 121st anniversary.

The cemetery was consecrated in 1920 and the church bell was installed in 1930, coming from the Hudsons Bay Company building in Calgary.  There must be a story there which I would like to learn more about.  If you know anything about it, please leave a comment.


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  1. You’ve got to wonder what the HBC was doing with a bell that they could donate one? Sounds like a bit of a mystery. For one church we documented it’s said the current bell came off a locomotive (replacing an earlier one that cracked).


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