In Our Own Backyard

I had fallen into a rut where I assumed that in order to get an “interesting” photo I had to travel.  To me “interesting” had become synonymous with “road trip”.  Yesterday on the drive home from work as I passed over the bridge across Priddis Creek I looked to the west and saw there was a combination of interesting light and chinook cloud over the creek.

I drove home as fast as I could and swept into the house with all the gentle grace of a hurricane.  I grabbed the camera and shouted a “See you in a few minutes, got to go get a picture” to Shirley before I was back in the car and heading to that bridge which is just a kilometer from home.

I was pleased to see the light hadn’t changed much and with a quick couple of adjustments to the camera I quickly fired off three bracketed shots.  I know I promised not to get addicted to HDR but…


Chinook Arch Over Priddis Creek

Sometimes in our quest to discover new places we overlook the things right in our own backyard.

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