Welcome to DanOCan.com

Well, I don’t know how you got here, but welcome!


I have had websites on the Internet in various forms since 1999.  In July of 2007 I finally broke down and decided to try this “Facebook” site I had been hearing so much about and from that point on I was hooked on social media.  It was an easy jump from there to Twitter, which I joined in June of 2008. 

Later that same summer I jumped on Flickr to start sharing my photos — both the good ones and the bad ones.  This year has brought me to the realms of Foursquare and Google Buzz. 

I limit Facebook to people who I have actually met and/or know, and I consider Twitter my public “stream of consciousness”.  So, when someone would ask me where they could find my content on the web it became a complicated answer — go here if you want my photos, here if I know you, here if I don’t.

I finally decided that I needed one place to consolidate my online presence.  At first I thought Friendfeed would fill that role, but I never really “got into” it.  I still pump my Friendfeed into my Facebook profile, but I honestly don’t think any of my friends look at it.

Now with a simple URL you can see my Twitter feed, contact me via email (if you are still into those old fashioned methods of communcation), look at a selection of my photos, and even see where I am currently located through the power of GPS.  Of course, I also provide links to a selection of my other social media accounts should you want to see if I have put anything up on YouTube. 

I’m known to have an opinion on everything so you can expect to see commentary on politics, sports, technology, social issues and everything else that catches my eye.  Hopefully I can provide enough content so you want to come back and see what I am up to.  Cheers!

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