The Wild West Town of Garnet, Montana

It’s the next instalment of our “Coastal or Postal” vacation. This time we’re heading up into the mountains near Missoula, Montana to visit the preserved ghost town of Garnet, Montana.

Once a thriving mining town dating from the late 19th century, today it is under the control of the Bureau of Land Management who protect the remaining buildings and sites from vandals and souvenir hunters.

It’s a great place to visit so come check it out with us…

Garnet is open year-round, from 09:30 – 16:30, however in the winter months the site is only accessible by snowmobile or cross-country ski trip. As of the time of our visit there is an admission of $3 per person which is used to maintain and preserve the town.

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1 Response to The Wild West Town of Garnet, Montana

  1. Jason Sailer says:

    Thanks for sharing this great video! We drove by this on the way to Missoula last fall, but we had crappy weather and limited time to explore, unfortunately. Next time we are down in the area, we will have to check this out!

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