Tickled Pink

Something told me to throw my camera bag into the trunk before heading out the door to work this morning.  I had barely started off down the road when I noticed the sky changing with the rising sun.  I stopped the car and pulled over. 


I wanted to to get down in the ditch and shoot the first photo from closer to the ground but there was a lot of water and mud there and I didn’t want to end up getting dirty – after all, I was on the way to work, right? 

This pattern continued for the next couple of miles.  Drive.  Pull over.  Shoot.  By the time I reached the highway the morning sun was illuminating the mountains in the west with a brilliant hue.

After snapping off a series of bracketed shots I returned to the trunk to put the camera back in its back.  In that instant it was gone.

The sky had returned to a normal colour.  No more pink.  No more drama.  Just your typical sunrise.

It’s all about timing.  Life is nothing more than a series of fleeting moments and if you don’t take the time to stop and appreciate them they can pass without ever being noticed, let alone appreciated.

Don’t let it pass you by – keep chasing the light.


DSC_8631_2_tonemapped DSC_8634
The Road You Leave Behind     Springtime in Alberta
DSC_8637_8_9_tonemapped DSC_8640_1_2_tonemapped
The Ghost of the White Horse      Morning Sky Over the Priddis Valley
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