Crowsnest Pass History Tour

There are some places you can visit over and over again and still never have enough time to see it all. That’s how I feel about the Crowsnest Pass region in southern Alberta.

I have been visiting this region since I was a child and it continues to fascinate me. And, even to this day, we continue to discover new places that I didn’t know about or uncover new stories I haven’t heard. There is so much to see and do in “The Pass”.

This is a two-part video series from our weekend in the Crowsnest.

Part One:

  • Bellevue Mine underground tour
  • Crowsnest Museum
  • Alberta Provincial Police Barracks
  • Leitch Collieries

Part Two:

  • Passburg Cemetery
  • Hillcrest Cemetery / Hillcrest Mine Disaster Memorial
  • Following the rum runners along old alignments of Highway 3
  • Frank Slide
  • Lundbreck Falls
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