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Trip to Nordegg

Once again, my limited number of free hours has caused my latest posting to be a long time in coming.  Once an idea for a post has formed itself in my mind, I find myself mentally drafting it in bits … Continue reading

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Arrowwood – The Video

Given how little drone footage we took in Arrowwood last week, the resulting video is pretty short and is mainly composed of still images, some of which I used in my original post.  Regardless, you can check it out on … Continue reading

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Badlands — the Video

Finally!  It took multiple attempts to get this together after Windows Movie Maker kept crapping out on the clip of Wayne for some reason.  I had to split the video in two, compile each half separately and then put the … Continue reading

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Another Badlands Trip

Last weekend we made one of our semi-regular trips out to Rowley, Alberta for pizza night at Sam’s Saloon.  I won’t go into great detail about pizza night.  Let’s just say it is a “must do” Alberta experience.  If you … Continue reading

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A Tour of Bentley, Alberta

While Emily was off learning about horses, I was left on my own to do some touring around Sylvan Lake.  I had been in contact with fellow blogger Jenn of West of the 5th and gotten some tips on places to see. … Continue reading

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Journey to Hong Kong: Part II

Today I’ll pick up where I left off a few days ago with some more highlights from our trip to Hong Kong. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery:  This place is really named inappropriately.  Not only is it not a true monastery … Continue reading

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Highlights of Hong Kong: Part One

After spending nearly two weeks in Hong Kong, I could probably come back and write a whole series of postings about the places we visited and the things we saw.  In fact, before we left on the trip that was … Continue reading

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