Vacation 2011: Day One

I was apprehensive about vacation this year, only because we hadn’t had a chance to give the trailer a proper shakedown cruise before heading out on the highway.  Never mind a “proper” shakedown, the trailer hadn’t turned a wheel since we parked it last autumn.

We hadn’t even gone a kilometre when I realized something was not right.  The electric brakes on the trailer didn’t seem to be grabbed properly.  Again, never mind grabbing “properly”, they didn’t seem to be working at all.  I unplugged the brake controller and then plugged it in again and that seemed to get things working enough to head out.

We had a close encounter with a couple of deer on the TransCanada Highway near Morley, AB but other than that the trip was uneventful.  We stopped for three Geocaches along the way:  one at a rest stop at the Kicking Horse Rest Stop, one at Kay Falls, and one at Craigellachie — site of the driving of the last spike of the transcontinental railway.

Kay Falls was an adventure.  We spend a good 30 minutes searching a juniper at the base of the falls, getting completely soaked — so much so we both needed to change our clothes afterwards.  The mist from the falls was coming so hard I didn’t want to take time to set up the camera for a good picture so I pulled it out of the weatherproof bag, snapped the photo and quickly stashed the camera back in the bag before it got too wet.

                 OKay Falls

As for Craigellachie?  Well, it is one of those places that every Canadian schoolkid learns about.  It is the spot where the iron spine of our nation was forged together, tied together with the driving of the final spike — the ribbon of steel.

I’ve wanted to visit this spot for many years.  The parking lot was RV-friendly and, despite the mosquitos, it was pleasant to walk around the manicured lawns and explore the exhibits and take in the history of the location.

           Tonight is a single night stopover in Kamloops and tomorrow we’re westbound one more time.  The “Summer of Awesomeness” is in full swing now!

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