Vacation 2011: Day Two

We departed Kamloops and continued our westward trip.  We had a bit of a schedule today, as we needed to be at the ferry terminal around 13:00 to catch our 14:00 ferry departure to the island.  I spent a lot more time plotting and planning this stage of the trip than the rest of the vacation combined.  I did not want to miss that boat!

In the end we need not to have worried.  After a quick lunch in the trailer in Hope while parked at what appeared to be the oldest Husky gas station I’ve ever seen, we arrived at the terminal just minutes ahead of my planned 13:00 time.  The lady at the booth said there was a lot of room left on the boat if we wanted to take this one.  Well, how could we refuse?  We were the last vehicle on and I swear the ship was moving before I even had the park brake set.

Our home away from home for the next five nights is Weir Beach RV Resort in Metchosin.  So far it has been a great place.  It is clean and the owners are very friendly.  Our site backs onto a lagoon so we have been able to sit in our comfortable chairs and watch a duck swim around with her two babies.  We’re just steps away from the beach and the wireless internet has a really strong signal.  Check out this view.

My View While Registering at the Office

We took the dog for a walk in Devonian Regional Park, which is just down the road from here.  We managed to find six caches and got down to the beach.  It’s been another busy day, but we’re nicely settled now for the next four days — no major traveling, just checking out the area.  We’ve both fallen in love with Vancouver Island.  How soon can we move here?

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