Back to Herronton

In March of 2012 I made the trip from Mossleigh, past the site of the old Farrow elevator, and then down to Herronton to see the old Alberta Wheat Pool elevator there.  Last weekend I found myself staring at the little dot on the map that marks the location of Herronton and decided a return trip would be in order. 


For my first visit the ground was brown and dead but this year a fresh snowfall had just finished the day before so I was optimistic for some completely different photos. 

After getting an oil change in Okotoks I went east to see what I could find.  My first stop was in the town of Blackie, another place I had been to less than a year before.  Blackie recently lost one of its grain elevators, leaving just the industrial monstrosity behind to mark the town on the snowy prairie.  There were some interesting buildings and a mural but not much else.

From Blackie I made my way to Herronton.  The biggest change I noticed from last year was that the rail line passing through Herronton is being utilized for the storage of rail cars.  There were miles and miles of rolling stock sitting on the tracks which made for some interesting photo opportunities.  The elevator is still standing tall and proud and looks to be in good shape. 

After some exploration and photography it was back on the road to home.  My journey was a short one but it was good to get out into the prairie winter and do some shooting.

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  1. Emily Giesy says:

    Rail cars!


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