July 2014: What a Month!

The sad irony of trying to be a blogger is the more interesting things going on to write about, the less time there is to actually write any of it down.  As we approach the unofficial halfway point of summer, it’s hard to believe just how much activity I squeezed into July.  I guess having the bulk of the month off for vacation helped a lot as I didn’t have that annoying work thing getting in my way.

There was the Stampede parade, seeing Blue Rodeo in concert, the mini ghost town tour of southern Alberta, the exploration of Big Valley and Rowley, the drive to Saskatoon and then on to Yorkton for the eighth annual Ghost Town Convention (GTC), the drive back to Saskatoon, exploring the area around Lake Diefenbaker, Geocaching and Geocaching events, coming back home to Cochrane and then hitting Calaway Park for the first time in nearly 25 years, and I’ve attended a couple events for Historic Calgary Week.  All that and I’ve even managed to be back at work for a full week now.

I really wish I could take the time to write it all down every night, to properly capture the feelings and document the experiences.  There simply isn’t time so I have to rely on a series of quickly composed Facebook status updates to look back on.

Here’s some of the highlights of what July looked like as captured via my iPhone’s photo stream.

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