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Exploring Alberta’s Wild Horses: A Captivating Journey through the Foothills

Every year, we set off on a road trip along the picturesque Forestry Trunk Road, immersing ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes of the Alberta foothills. Our primary mission? To catch a glimpse of the estimated 900 wild horses that call this area home. Continue reading

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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

For this week’s episode, we’re sticking close to home and doing a walking tour of the western part of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park near Cochrane, Alberta. Using a Geocaching Adventure Lab as our motivation, I set off with Mabel the … Continue reading

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Hiking to Papakolea Green Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii

It’s our last full day on Hawaii and there is still one place left on our “must visit” list: the famous Green Sand Beach, known properly as Papakolea Beach. It’s an almost three mile hike each way but we’ were … Continue reading

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Exploring the North Side of the Big Island

We don’t always plan our days. Sometimes we enjoy just seeing where the winds take us. We start at Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site and then just decide to start driving north and see what we find. We visit the … Continue reading

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Mauna Loa and Night Snorkeling with Manta Rays

In this third in a series of videos, we start our day in Hilo before driving up the single lane road to the Mauna Loa observatory to find some Geocaches and then we drive across the Saddle Road so Emily … Continue reading

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