Another Badlands Trip

Last weekend we made one of our semi-regular trips out to Rowley, Alberta for pizza night at Sam’s Saloon.  I won’t go into great detail about pizza night.  Let’s just say it is a “must do” Alberta experience.  If you want to read a great account from one of our pizza nights last year, check out the link to Johnnie Bachusky’s article which you can find on my In The Press page.

We took our trailer out to Rowley on Friday evening and camped out in a field in town.  There was a lot of water around so our choice of space was quite limited, but not many people are camping in late March so it wasn’t an issue.

Rowley, Alberta

On Saturday, we set our targets as Dorothy, Wayne, and Big Valley — with a stop at the Atlas Coal Mine for good measure.  The goal was to capture some drone footage of the various sites.  I had my first minor incident with the drone as I backed it into a small tree at the Atlas Coal Mine but fortunately it didn’t fall to the ground and the only damage was a gouge out of one of the propellers.  I had spare ones with me so it was a quick fix and then I was back in the air.

Rosedeer Hotel

The crash hasn’t been my only issue in terms of this posting.  I spent about four hours today putting together a video from my footage but when I attempt to render it out into a final movie, Windows Movie Maker crashes and tells me one or more of my videos are corrupt.  I’m not convinced that they are because I can play the raw clips on my computer just fine.  Ah, the joys of using crappy software on a low-end PC.  So, you may or may not get to see the results of my efforts.  If I can get it to work I will post it on YouTube and provide a link.

And, one other bit of housekeeping.  I started a new job last week so my time for exploring and blogging is going to be severely limited.  While it’s unfortunate that this had to happen just as I was starting to feel was gaining a little traction and the weather was turning nice, one cannot turn down the opportunity to earn some money, especially when the new job has the potential to be something I really enjoy.


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5 Responses to Another Badlands Trip

  1. Jenn says:

    I love that area, and have been meaning to go to pizza night one of these months! Congrats on the new job!


  2. BWBandy says:

    Not every trip is a raging success. Looking forward to more on this site.


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