Canada 150

I am too young to have been around for the centennial in 1967.  I am too old to be around for the bicentennial in 2067.  Canada 150 is the closest I will get.

As hinted at last week, we joined Chris and Connie of for a trip to a hillside monument originally created for Canada’s 100th birthday in 1967.  It has been slightly updated to mark this year’s 150th celebrations.

Enjoy some “Maple Leaf Forever” as we go droning in southern Alberta to mark the occasion.

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1 Response to Canada 150

  1. Nice! Watching your drone work is mesmerizing, and that’s even before any footage is seen. You’re improving each time. Always a hoot working with you. Have more ideas! Sorry my post was late. Fighting stupid is time consuming and that funk’s been a hard one to break. Keep up the good work.


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