Alberta Ghost Town Tour – Part II

It took me some time to get around to editing and posting the second half of the 2020 Alberta Ghost Town Tour, but here it is.

Now, let me head off a minor controversy which reared its head in the YouTube comments on the Part I video. I realize and understand that many of the places we visited on this tour are not “ghost towns” in the classic sense. I had a viewer comment about how the town of Carmangay has a population of 300 people and therefore not a ghost town. As I have said before, I tend to use a fairly broad definition of ghost town — one where any town which has seen a population decline or the closure of many businesses and services over the decades is a “ghost” of its former self. “Ghost town” is not intended to be a pejorative term — given the content of our blog and channel it is used by use as a term of endearment.

With the Fall upon us it remains to be seen what our next adventure will be. We took a week off for some downtime to do some camping, Geocaching, and hiking and used that as a break from creating video content too. While I greatly enjoy making videos, sometimes it is nice to just enjoy your surroundings and not worry about how to get a certain shot or how you’re going to splice things together at the end to form a somewhat cohesive story. I don’t want video to become a chore, especially because we make literally zero income from this endeavor.

Thanks for watching!

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