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There are some places that just keep you calling you back, time and time again. Sharples is one of those for me. I don’t actually remember how I first learned of the Sharples elevator nor do I actually remember my … Continue reading

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Two Endangered Elevators

It may be snowy and blustery today, but back in September when we made our way out to Moose Jaw for Threshing Bee, it was a glorious hot day.  While normal people would take the TransCanada Highway from Calgary to … Continue reading

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Ogilvie Wooden Grain Elevator Society

As many of you know, I have been involved with the Ogilvie Wooden Grain Elevator Society (OWGES) since it was fairly new. The Society’s mission is to preserve and protect the last wooden Ogilvie grain elevator in the province of … Continue reading

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CAMT 2017: Meeting Creek

We’re nearing the end of our Central Alberta Museum Tour posts with a visit to Meeting Creek. This was my second visit to Meeting Creek.  The last time I was here there was a wedding taking place and so I … Continue reading

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Weekend of Exploring

We’re not sure what to call it.  Alberta GTC (Ghost Town Convention), Mini GTC, Abandoned Weekend.  Let’s be honest, whatever you call it doesn’t matter because to those who “get it” no name is required.  For those who don’t “get … Continue reading

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A Quick Trip to Arrowwood

“Couple visits small town in Alberta and what they found missing will shock you…” Oh, if only I could bring myself to use clickbait-style headlines like that!  Anyway, on to the article… On Good Friday, Emily and I found ourselves … Continue reading

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Prelate Grain Elevator Destroyed by Fire

Fire and the prairies go together.  It seems every town on the plains has had some sort of encounter with a major fire in its history.  This has gone on ever since the west was being settled and it continues … Continue reading

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