Mossleigh Homestead

Today was the first chance I had to take the DJI Mavic Pro out for a road trip.  Well, that’s not 100% true.  Earlier this week I had taken it to the MacDougall Memorial United Church to try and capture some footage, but the wind was too strong and I opted not to fly.

Emily and I set our sights on the communities of Arrowwood, Mossleigh, and Herronton today, with a couple of goals:  do a check on our Geocache in Arrowwood and hopefully capture some drone footage along the way.

On our way to Arrowwood, we noticed an old building off to the north of the highway.  Was it a barn?  A house?  We couldn’t tell so a detour was in order.

What we found was a barn-like house, wasting away.  One of the big reasons I had wanted to get a drone was exactly for situations like this — a chance to get a closer look and document these disappearing homesteads without having to trespass.  This was a perfect chance to break out the Mavic Pro and see what it could do in the field.

The wind was blowing quite strongly but I opted to put the drone up anyway since there was not much it could crash into and, even if it had crashed, it would be pretty easy to walk in and pick up the remains.  Fortunately, it never came to that but I did have a decent moment of panic at a later stop.  (Hint:  That’s a teaser for an upcoming post!)

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3 Responses to Mossleigh Homestead

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  2. Mike Stobbs says:

    I have been toying with idea also….these are sooo coooool GTC11 “The Drone Tour” LOL


  3. We got an invite to this place but spent most of the time dodging those bees that live out back!


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