Retrospective: West Hope School

Thanks to apps like Timehop and the “On This Day” feature of Facebook, sometimes we see old photos resurface to remind us of our explorations of the past. That is how I stumbled upon these images of West Hope School, taken back in November of 2007.

At that time, the school was being maintained by the community and was open for access. It seems to me that when I drove by this past summer that the property was now posted as no trespassing, a sad but not unexpected turn of events.

Back during this visit in 2007, there was still a guest book inside for people to sign.

The school was built in 1905, at least according to the sign. I don’t have many more details on its history but felt you might like seeing some photos from a decade ago.


Have you visited this school which is located northwest of Calgary? Is my recollection correct that it is now off limits? Let me know in the comments.

I wrote this posting on my cell phone over my lunch break, so forgive any typos I may have made. I’m trying new ways of producing content in the limited time I have available.

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