Route 66 – Episode 13

So, Day 13 actually started slightly unlucky for us.  For the first time on the trip I forgot to unplug the 12V electric cooler we had in the backseat and when we emerged from our wigwam and went to set out on the road, we had a dead battery.

Fortunately, a quick call to AAA and a wait of about 30 minutes was all it took to get us back on the road — and we even got to chat with a nice local tow truck driver as a result.  Life on the mother road needs to have a few glitches if it is going to feel authentic, right?

Day 13 involved a lot of fun stops, including the Jack Rabbit Trading Post.  The owners of this historic trading post are doing such a good job of embracing social media that we felt like they were old friends when we arrived.

We also grabbed some drone footage of Meteor City Trading Post (abandoned but on the track back to life), visited Meteor Crater itself, lived out a moment from a classic Eagles song, and managed to end up in Williams, Arizona for the night.  There may have been a couple of other stops along the way — check out the video to see what they might have been.

As a side note, I am just starting on Day 14 and I have more than an hour raw footage to sort through and it’s going to take a lot of editing to get it down to something manageable — or, I might need to break Day 14 into two parts.  We’ll see once I get into it.  Either way, it might be a fair amount of time before the next episode comes out.

Thanks for watching!

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1 Response to Route 66 – Episode 13

  1. Rick A. says:

    Nice video, Williams, AZ looks like a cool place to visit.


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