Route 66: The Penultimate Day on the Road

The final days of Route 66 were a bit of an mental battle.  More than two weeks on the road, living out of a suitcase, and having a different bed almost every night was becoming both mentally and physically exhausting.  And, with the end coming closer and closer, there were the inevitable thoughts of “What’s next?  What’s waiting for us once we’ve accomplished our goal?”

Those would be questions that wouldn’t be answered right away.  Even now, more than two months after the conclusion of the trip, I’m still not sure we know the answers completely.

But, the thoughts of the end would need to wait because we still had some time left to enjoy ourselves on the Mother Road.  Setting off from Needles, California, we set our target destination to be Barstow.  Two major stops along the way would be the famous Roy’s Cafe and it’s iconic sign in Amboy and Calico, the silver mining boomtown turned tourist attraction thanks to the preservation efforts of Walter Knott.  (Yes, the same Walter Knott of Knott’s Berry Farm fame.  In fact, the ghost town at Knott’s Berry Farm is based on Calico.)

I really hope you are still enjoying this journey with us.  This series of videos has been a true labor of love.  Despite the low production quality, they still each took several hours to put together and create.  If you have stuck with us so far, hang in there because after today there is only one more day to go!

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