Back on the Road – Polson, Montana

In September we hit the road for our vacation. I dubbed it the “Coastal or Postal Tour 2019” because last year when we started throwing out vacation ideas I said “It has been ten years since I’ve been the Oregon coast — I swear if we don’t go coastal I’ll end up going postal.”

Now, admittedly, that isn’t an original saying. I stole it from a Geocache page I read many years ago while caching in Oregon. A couple had placed a whole series of hides using the name “Coastal or Postal” so I borrowed the idea.

We also made a number of comments relating to the old Oregon Trail video game, including comments about coming down with dysentery and Tucker the Dog needing to serve the role of oxen. One of our friends (Shoutout to Kelly!) even joined in, reminding us to bring an extra axle.

But, before we could reach Oregon we headed straight south into Montana. Our first destination was Missoula because Emily had bought concert tickets to see Ben Folds and Cake at the KettleHouse Ampitheater.

It was on our way to Missoula when we saw some billboards for the Miracle of America Museum. Well, we had enough time to stop in and we were blown away by the quality of this collection. But, don’t take our word for it, some see for yourself!

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