Stavely, Alberta

If you make the trip between Calgary and Lethbridge on any sort of regular basis, you likely have your favorite places to stop along the way. Whether it’s the 7-Eleven in Claresholm (the classic one, not the new one on the north end of town) or The Candy Store in Nanton, it seems everyone has their designated stop. Sure, you could easily make the run without pulling over for a break, but where’s the fun in that?

One of my favorite places is a little less well known than the examples I gave above, although I enjoy both of them too. No, my place is the small town of Stavely.

Stavely was named Alexander Staveley Hill (1825 – 1905). Hill was a British member of parliament and the first chairman of the New Oxley Ranche, which leased large amounts of land in the area between 1880 and 1900. Stavely became a town in 1912 and the spelling was slightly altered at that time, dropping the second ‘e’ in Hill’s name.*

I was passing through town today and I had the urge to put the drone up, something I haven’t done for several months. I had some issues with the drone’s gimbal so ended up not having much time to fly. The wind was also very strong so I decided to essentially do an “up and shoot” flight, versus any sort of cinematic maneuvers.

So, with that, I present some shots from Stavely which I have taken over the last few years. Maybe you will understand why I love this little town so much.

Stavely, Alberta – February 9, 2020
Town Hall, Hotel, and grain elevator – February 9, 2020
Former church – February 15, 2015
Service Station just west of town – March 30, 2013
Amazing old service station – February 15, 2015
A view from outside town – November 30, 2019

*Aubrey, M. K. (2006). Concise place names of Alberta. Calgary, AB: University of Calgary Press.

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4 Responses to Stavely, Alberta

  1. Margy says:

    Great way to make use of a drone!


  2. Jules Evans-Nugteren says:

    The old Catholic church that you took the picture of in 2015… my husband and I own that now, and we have renovated it into our home. Someday you will have to come back and take a look at what we’ve done! 🙂


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