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Another Loss to Fire: Keeler Hotel

  It’s becoming a ritual that is all too common lately.  This time the news comes from tiny Keeler, Saskatchewan where the old hotel was lost to fire on July 4, 2017. My personal history with Keeler is a pretty … Continue reading

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McDougall Church: Gone

We were coming home from a long weekend of fun.  I had just turned off of the TransCanada Highway onto Morley Road, both to escape the Victoria Day traffic as well as because Waze always suggests that route when navigating … Continue reading

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Prelate Grain Elevator Destroyed by Fire

Fire and the prairies go together.  It seems every town on the plains has had some sort of encounter with a major fire in its history.  This has gone on ever since the west was being settled and it continues … Continue reading

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Big Loss in Tiny Orion

As 2016 draws to a close, there is little doubt it has earned a reputation for being a year of loss.  We’ve lost many notable musicians and other celebrities, some would say America lost its way with the election of … Continue reading

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Clarendon Hotel in Gull Lake, SK Destroyed by Fire

“It’s been happening with depressing regularity over the years — another century-old small town hotel has been hit by fire.”  — CBC News   It’s a trend that DanOCan.com has noticed.  And, I have been making a special effort to take … Continue reading

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Fire Destroys Spring Valley Grain Elevator – DiscoverMooseJaw.com

How many times have you driven past something and said “I’d really like to get a photo of that one day?  We always think there will be another chance, another day.  Sometimes there isn’t going to be another chance.  That’s … Continue reading

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The Fire Department Can Go To Hell

What is it about a fire alarm that makes normal people lose touch with reality?  Much like George Costanza running out of a children’s party bowling over a clown and an old lady in a walker on Seinfeld, there is … Continue reading

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