A Tour of Bentley, Alberta

While Emily was off learning about horses, I was left on my own to do some touring around Sylvan Lake.  I had been in contact with fellow blogger Jenn of West of the 5th and gotten some tips on places to see.  My goal had been to get some drone footage of some abandoned buildings.  Unfortunately, the weather was too cold for me to fly.

Instead of flying, I wandered around the town of Bentley, Alberta and ended up putting together my first (last?) video blog entry.  Remember, I’m doing this on less than a shoestring budget so don’t expect much in terms of production value.

I did mange to check out some of the suggested locations.  My personal favorite was Sunset Hill School, from 1913.

Sunset Hill School

Links / References:

Sunset Hill School:  http://westofthefifthmeridian.blogspot.ca/2016/12/sunset-hill.html

Always Read the Plaque:  https://soundcloud.com/roman-mars/99-invisible-always-read-the

A Street Named 50:  https://ama.ab.ca/2015/07/29/a-street-named-50/

Town of Bentley:  http://www.townofbentley.ca/

Bentley Museum:  http://public.museums.ab.ca/museums.cfm?ItemID=95





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1 Response to A Tour of Bentley, Alberta

  1. Jenn says:

    Hey Dan, too bad you couldn’t get the drone out! Next time! Bentley is a great little town, I am there quite often. Great shot of the school, I love that spot.

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