Alberta Ghost Town Convention: 2019 Edition (Day One)

It is hard to believe we have just concluded the sixth edition of the Alberta Ghost Town Convention (GTC). This annual gathering of friends is an offshoot of the Saskatchewan GTC created by Mike Stobbs back in 2007 which ended in 2016.

The Alberta edition is the brainchild of Jason Sailer, who puts many hours into scouting locations, obtaining permission for access, and generally trying to herd the group of cats that abandoned places enthusiasts tend to be.

This year we focused on the area around Hanna. We revisited some places we have been before (St. Peter’s Lutheran Church), some places we wanted to visit but hadn’t (Hanna Museum and Pioneer Village), and some places we hadn’t even heard of before (too many to mention).

There is far too much to pack into a single video, so here is Day One of the 2019 Alberta Ghost Town Convention…

Alberta Ghost Town Convention – Day One
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