Journey to Elva, Manitoba

Depending on which source you believe, the oldest grain elevator in Canada stands in the ghost town of Elva, Manitoba in deep southwest corner of the province. The previous sentence won’t remain true for very long, however.

We got word that the grain elevator is scheduled to be demolished “this Fall”. No word on a specific date but there is no doubt that the elevator is now measuring its remaining life in weeks, not years.

Naturally, we needed to see this historic relic before it disappears from the landscape forever so we took an extra day off work, hopped in the car and set out to get to Elva. What follows is our journey, which ultimately would take us almost 3000km over the course of four days.


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1 Response to Journey to Elva, Manitoba

  1. Jason Sailer says:

    I am glad you guys got there to see it! I had always hoped to get down that way, but it looks it won’t happen.

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