Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

For this week’s episode, we’re sticking close to home and doing a walking tour of the western part of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park near Cochrane, Alberta. Using a Geocaching Adventure Lab as our motivation, I set off with Mabel the Dog to enjoy the scenery, the peace and quiet and a lot of cattle. we also visit the site of a long-gone ranch house and catch some glimpses of the of old post office from the former town of Glenbow.

View from near Visitors Centre
Mabel Enjoying Glenbow Ranch
Video Recorded April 1, 2023
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Road Trip to Lethbridge

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Ghost Town Convention 2008

Yes, another look back at a previous weekend of exploration, this time from July of 2008. With a home base of Ardath, Saskatchewan, twelve keen abandoned places explorers set out to see what they could find…

Video published March 20, 2023

Unlike last week, I think I have the scheduled time right so the video should be live when you click on it.

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Looking Back at the First Ghost Town Convention – Hallonquist, Saskatchewan 2007

Almost a dozen years ago, I wrote a blog post about how a group of strangers first came together on a hot July weekend in 2007 in southern Saskatchewan and spent two days touring ghost towns and abandoned places together. You can find that post here: From a Simple Post…

I decided to revisit that weekend in more detail and in video form, since that is the format the majority of my content is now being produced in. So, here it is, a look back at the first-ever Ghost Town Convention:

Video posted March 13, 2023
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Some of the Best Grain Elevators on the Canadian Prairies

Some are gone, some are still standing, but in this video we look at some of my favorite grain elevators on the Canadian prairies.

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