Once Upon A Christmas at Heritage Park

We set off with a couple of vintage postcards and a map of Heritage Park from the early 1970s as we explore “Once Upon a Christmas” and get into the spirit of the season.

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Sun Dek Motel in Medicine Hat, Alberta

On July 2, 1966 a woman named Maude wrote a postcard to a couple in New York state. More than fifty-five years later it found its way into the hands of DanOCan and started him unraveling a mystery that spans all the way to Alaska. The epicentre of this mystery is in Medicine Hat, Alberta and a classic motel…

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Another Elevator Gone

We’re shocked. We shouldn’t be because this happens all the time. Overnight we lost the grain elevator in Rouleau, Saskatchewan to fire.

Famous for being painted as “Dog River”, the elevator was an important background set piece on the TV series “Corner Gas”. We were fortunate to visit it just weeks ago on our road trip to Manitoba.


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Journey to Elva, Manitoba

Depending on which source you believe, the oldest grain elevator in Canada stands in the ghost town of Elva, Manitoba in deep southwest corner of the province. The previous sentence won’t remain true for very long, however.

We got word that the grain elevator is scheduled to be demolished “this Fall”. No word on a specific date but there is no doubt that the elevator is now measuring its remaining life in weeks, not years.

Naturally, we needed to see this historic relic before it disappears from the landscape forever so we took an extra day off work, hopped in the car and set out to get to Elva. What follows is our journey, which ultimately would take us almost 3000km over the course of four days.

Source: http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/sites/elvaelevator.shtml

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The Greater Beater Challenge 2021

I have become very bad at updating the website, with much more of my focusing being on the YouTube channel. I just realized I never posted the second day of our Ghost Town Tour from back in July. Bad Dan, bad Dan!

Anyway, I’ll post a couple of video here from The Great Beater Challenge 2021.

What is the Great Beater Challenge? It is a two day road rally event but the goal is to complete it using cars worth $700 or less. Points are awarded for creativity, coming in under budget, modifications to the vehicles, and for completing challenges along the way. It’s a ton of fun and the creativity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

The 2021 route started in Lethbridge, Alberta and followed the Red Coat Trail through to Cadillac, Saskatchewan. The next day took a different route back to Lethbridge. We covered almost 1000km through cities, desolate backroads, ghost towns and pretty much everything in between.

Check out the two videos here:

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