Canada Day Weekend Camp

This weekend was all about camping and relaxation. We’re off to the Etherington Creek Provincial Recreation Area. Camping, hiking, relaxing, and expired Jiffy Pop — what could possibly go wrong?

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Notre Dame de Savoie Church

There are some places that you see online countless times but have never had the chance to visit in person. For me, the abandoned Notre Dame de Savoie church has been on the “must visit” list for many years but I never found myself in that area of the province.

Last weekend we found ourselves attending a family gathering in the village of Forestburg. Afterwards, we took the opportunity to detour south to visit the church.

Amazingly, it still stands against the forces of nature. However, with it’s collapsed steeple and distinct lean, it certainly doesn’t seem like it can defy the odds much longer. Sadly, I will not be surprised when some backroads explorer makes a post saying the church has fallen over or collapsed on itself.

Notre Dame de Savoie
Up Close and Personal with the Steeple

Naturally, we didn’t just make the trip out and back without a few other stops. Feel free to check out our video where you will see us visit even more places on this trip.

  • St. Hilda’s Church
  • The World’s Largest Lamp
  • The grain elevators of Forestburg
  • The “Bog in the Burg” mud bogging event at Forestburg
  • The Diplomat Mine Interpretive site

That’s all for now!

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Walking in Waiparous

We opted to stay closer to home this weekend than we have been lately. We still wanted to get outside so we took Tucker the Dog out for a walk along some trails near the village of Waiparous. This small series of trails is actually a hidden gem in the foothills of Alberta.

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Geocaching Adventure on Bateman Creek

This week we get out into Kananaskis and explore some trails around Sibbald Lake.

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The Abandoned Cemetery of Wayne, Alberta

Once again we found ourselves creeping up on the last Saturday of the month and that means it was time to get ourselves back out to Rowley for the monthly pizza night.

Before Saturday evening rolled around we had some time to kill. We decided to head off to the ghost town of Wayne, once a thriving coal-mining community of nearly 2500 souls, today it’s population is less than 50.

Our primary objective was to locate and visit the abandoned cemetery that belonged to the town. Our secondary objective was to stop in at the Last Chance Saloon at the Rosedeer Hotel, now in its 106th year of operation.

After all that adventuring, it’s back to Rowley for some pizza and beer and then it was time to put the drone up in the air and capture some aerial shots of the three elevators in town. That’s one busy day you are invited to come along with us.

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Crowsnest Pass History Tour

There are some places you can visit over and over again and still never have enough time to see it all. That’s how I feel about the Crowsnest Pass region in southern Alberta.

I have been visiting this region since I was a child and it continues to fascinate me. And, even to this day, we continue to discover new places that I didn’t know about or uncover new stories I haven’t heard. There is so much to see and do in “The Pass”.

This is a two-part video series from our weekend in the Crowsnest.

Part One:

  • Bellevue Mine underground tour
  • Crowsnest Museum
  • Alberta Provincial Police Barracks
  • Leitch Collieries

Part Two:

  • Passburg Cemetery
  • Hillcrest Cemetery / Hillcrest Mine Disaster Memorial
  • Following the rum runners along old alignments of Highway 3
  • Frank Slide
  • Lundbreck Falls
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Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Heading out to check out the foundation of a creamery which existed on the site back in the 1890s.

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