Fire Destroys Spring Valley Grain Elevator –

How many times have you driven past something and said “I’d really like to get a photo of that one day?  We always think there will be another chance, another day.  Sometimes there isn’t going to be another chance.  That’s the case for anyone who ever drove past the grain elevator in Spring Valley, SK or — even worse — never detoured off the highway to see it in the first place.

A fire broke out in the grain elevator of Spring Valley, Saskatchewan sometime in the evening of August 24th and completely destroyed the building. Carloyn Message, who witnessed the blaze and whose husband is apart of the volunteer fire department…

Source: Fire Destroys Spring Valley Grain Elevator –

Photograph and document what you can when you have a chance.  Don’t wait for a day when you might have more time, or the light might be better, or you might have a better camera with you.

Time waits for no one.

Spring Valley

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6 Responses to Fire Destroys Spring Valley Grain Elevator –

  1. Heart breaking. Never visited this one, and now never will. Spot on, take the time today because it may not be there tomorrow.


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  4. Derek Dawson says:

    Greeat reading your blog


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