One Day in Vienna

After completing our stay in Brno, we grabbed a bus to Vienna, Austria. We traveled with RegioJet, which is a private Czech company which specializes in rail and bus travel. It was a great experience. The ride was approximately two hours but they offered coffee, wifi, and games so the trip went really fast. Essentially it was like traveling by plane but with a bit more room — and not leaving the ground.

Once in Vienna we stored our bags at the hotel and bought tickets for the “Big Bus” which is a hop-on / hop-off tour company. This made getting around the city super convenient and it also provided us with the chance to learn more about our surroundings by plugging the supplied headphones into the audio jack so we could listen to recorded commentary in our native language.

So, what all did we see and do in Vienna? Well, if I told you that there would be no need for you watch the video.

Episode Three – DanOCan European Adventure
Vienna, Austria
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