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Winterizing Bella the Vintage 1978 Boler

It’s that time of year, where RV’ers from all over the province either head south towards the warmer climates or they are forced to prepare their rigs for the coming winter months. In this episode I tackle the leak in … Continue reading

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Doing Some Repairs to Bella the Vintage Boler

Something you quickly learn when you own a vintage RV is there is always something that needs to be worked on or fixed. We’ve been very fortunate that — so far — everything we’ve had to do to “Bella” has … Continue reading

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We Bought a Boler!

We joined the vintage trailer club and bought a 1978 Boler 1700. This is a major downsize from our old fifth wheel and also represents a step back an additional 22 years from our last trailer. What surprises will owning … Continue reading

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Geocaching Souvenirs: Idaho

It’s been a few months since I looked back at one of my Geocaching souvenirs and how I earned it.  This time I look back at the state souvenir for Idaho. My first cache in Idaho was GCQYTH “SPRUCE LEAFS” … Continue reading

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