Notre Dame de Savoie Church

There are some places that you see online countless times but have never had the chance to visit in person. For me, the abandoned Notre Dame de Savoie church has been on the “must visit” list for many years but I never found myself in that area of the province.

Last weekend we found ourselves attending a family gathering in the village of Forestburg. Afterwards, we took the opportunity to detour south to visit the church.

Amazingly, it still stands against the forces of nature. However, with it’s collapsed steeple and distinct lean, it certainly doesn’t seem like it can defy the odds much longer. Sadly, I will not be surprised when some backroads explorer makes a post saying the church has fallen over or collapsed on itself.

Notre Dame de Savoie
Up Close and Personal with the Steeple

Naturally, we didn’t just make the trip out and back without a few other stops. Feel free to check out our video where you will see us visit even more places on this trip.

  • St. Hilda’s Church
  • The World’s Largest Lamp
  • The grain elevators of Forestburg
  • The “Bog in the Burg” mud bogging event at Forestburg
  • The Diplomat Mine Interpretive site

That’s all for now!

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